Off Grid Inverter
Pure Sine Wave output
Wide input voltage: 160V---280VAC 
Completely controlled by CPU
Protections: output short-circuit/overload, overvoltage 
 2 Years Guarantee 

Available Sizes

300W, 12V

500W, 24V
1000W, 24V
1500W, 24V
2000W, 48V
3000W, 48V
5000W, 96V

Larger Inverters are available on special orde
Gives priority to solar/battery power keeping grid usage minimal
Off Grid Inverter with built in MPPT Charge Controller 
CPU controlled with copper transformer
Pure Sine Wave output
Two LCD displays showing Solar, Battery and Load Status
Protections: Battery over charge/over discharge, output short-circuit,overload, overvoltage, overcurrent
2 Years Guarantee 

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